Personalkollen for you as an employee

Personalkollen is a system supplier of a complete personnel and payroll system. We are used by companies such as hotels, restaurants and retail. You can access the personnel login via the Personalkollen app or via the webb at

If you have questions about your schedule, employment certificate, your salary payment or anything else related to your employment, you need to contact your employer.

Personalkollen can answer your technical questions. You can reach our support by emailing or calling 010 - 150 15 00.

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Your salary and worked hours

Via the clock icon in the app or the tab Lön och arbetad tid on the web, you will find your worked hours for the respective earning period. You can also see your previous payslips. To see details about reported and scheduled time, click on the period. All hours worked in the pay period are then displayed and if you click on one specific day, the row expands and shows additional details. This is also where any comments entered by your manager will be visible.

Employment contract

If you have digitally signed your employment contract, you will find a copy of it via the three dots in the app. If you have not used Bank ID during the signing process, please contact your employer to obtain a copy.

Your schedule

Under Mitt schema you will se all of your scheduled shifts. If your workplace applies calculation periods when scheduling, you can see details such as reported, scheduled and remaining time in the current period by clicking the information icon at the top right corner.

Subscribe to your schedule

Click the three dots at the bottom left of your app to get to Min profil. Here you will find instructions on how to integrate your schedule with Apple or Google's calendar. You can also copy the URL and add to most calendars to set up an integration.

Absence in the schedule

Absence registered by your employer appear in the schedule, but the shift is then diagonally lined. If you are absence only part of a shift, the time you are suppose to work is shown to the left. The shift's color is still lined.

Apply to work available shifts

Click on the calendar icon at the bottom to get to the schedule. Here you can browse between your own schedule, staff schedule and available shifts. If you like to work at a posted available shift, click on the shift and select Önska pass. Your manager will then receive a notification that you have requested the shift. When the shift has been assigned to you, you will get a notification about this.

To indicate availability

You can indicate availability on a day if you are not scheduled. By clicking on a unscheduled day you will get two choices. Tillgänglig (available) and Ej tillgänglig (unavailable). If you select Tillgänglig you have the option to specify the time of day that you are available for work. Please note that this is only a request, your manager can still schedule you for work even though you have set yourself as unavailable.

Change of shift between co-workers

Note: The change of shift-function is something that your employer activates and it is not certain that it applies to your workplace.

You can click a scheduled shift under Mitt schema or at the homepage and then select Byt bort pass. Here you indicate which one of your colleagues might take your shift instead of you. The request will be send to your manager and must always be approved by them. When the request has been approved the scheduled is updated.

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